Cherry-Bomb Coconut Milk PopsicleHere’s another popsicle.

This one’s like getting two for one. The “Cherry-Bomb Coconut Milk Popsicles,” from White on Rice Couple, are powerhouses of flavorful indulgence. Cherries freeze deep, dark, and sweet. Coconut milk + yogurt + sugar freeze into a breathtaking creaminess. A “wow” creaminess.

Indeed, these popsicles require a staggered freezing method, in order to achieve the layers of flavors. We can handle this, though.

I used frozen cherries, which I thawed before pureeing with water, sugar, and lime juice. I made sure to strain this mix before pouring it into my popsicle molds. But remember, pour only a bit, then freeze. After that, pour in a bit of your coconut milk/yogurt mixture, then freeze again. And so on.

We’ve enjoyed these summertime pop-ups and can’t wait till next summer and the next batch of popsicles.