Polenta Cakes with Portobello Mushrooms and MozzarellaAs simple as making pancakes -- and just as satisfying -- the “Polenta Cakes with Portobello Mushrooms and Burrata,” from Savory Nothings, won the popularity contest at my dinner table. Know that these polenta cakes are very flavorful, thanks to the broth, milk, and nutmeg.

The recipe says to cook the mushrooms and the cakes in the same pan, but I knew that wouldn’t turn out well. Use two pans. And my portobellos were huge enough to slice into quarters, rather than halves. Another wise move.

Enjoy the lemony taste of the mushrooms. Burrata is a creamier version of mozzarella. I used mozzarella and was fine with that. You’ll win with this dish, and it’s too easy to make.

Portobello Mushrooms (4) = $5.18

PREP TIME: 30 minutes, or less, from start to finish
the corny grits of polenta are amplified by broth, milk, and nutmeg, while the meaty portobellos are kissed by lemon juice

Next time, I’ll cook the “Vietnamese Caramel Chicken,” from the September 2014 issue of Cooking Light. Interested? Come back to my site next week to see what happens.