Almond Butter-Quinoa BlondiesI steer clear of brownie maniacs. It’s a subset of individuals who make a tray of brownies for every occasion, a tray per day even. I steer clear. I delete those recipes. Except…

Take a look at the “Almond Butter Quinoa Blondies,” from the March/April 2013 Eating Well. An interesting list of ingredients, no? It’s not “health food,” mind you, but I was psyched about the almond butter and the quinoa flour. That’s right: grind your quinoa in a spice grinder and you get a dusty powder. Fantastic. This made me the ruler of my destiny.

We’ve got butter. We’ve got eggs. We’ve got sugar. We’ve got chocolate chips. (Brownies, remember.) The batter pulls together and rises significantly in the oven. I baked for 32 minutes.

You win with these: ideal brownie/blondie texture, chocolate chips. An addictive treat.

PREP TIME: 45 minutes for prep and baking, another 45 minutes for cooling
brownies without the chocolate overload

Now I’ve done it. Admittedly, I’m on a sweet kick. Next time, I want to make the “Whipped Key Lime Pie,” from Better Homes and Gardens, in honor of my upcoming summer vacation in Daytona Beach. Come back to my site next week, to enjoy it with me.