Whipped Key Lime PieTake a look at that creamy, frozen deliciousness. A pleasure to make and a pleasure to eat, the “Whipped Key Lime Pie,” from Better Homes and Gardens, is a celebration of my summer vacation.

No baking here, folks -- just assemble and freeze.

Make your own graham cracker crust. It’s a triumph of graham crackers and sugar and butter. After that, whip together the sweetened condensed milk, lime zest, Key lime juice, and cream, for the pie’s filling. What’s Key lime juice? The smaller Key lime and its juice tastes more acidic than your other limes. I keep a bottle of Mrs. Biddle’s Key West Key Lime Juice.

Rather than whip my own cream for the garnish topping, I gladly squeezed a can. OK?

Keep this pie in your freezer and enjoy a slice every day, all week long.

PREP TIME: chill your crust for an hour before filling and freezing your pie overnight
lime and sweet creaminess sit in that lovely, sandy, graham cracker bed

Next time, allow me to indulge in the bunch of Chinese garlic chives that I bought on a recent Chinatown trip. I want to try the “Chinese Chive Pies,” as demonstrated on Tiny Urban Kitchen. Come back to my site next week, to see what happens.