Fruits CollideHere’s another popsicle.

We threw this one together and it’s quite nice. My young popsicle assistant was enthusiastic about mixing all sorts of fruit juices, so that’s what we did.

But first, in a bowl went 8 oz. heavy cream. Then, 1/2 cup simple syrup (boil equal parts sugar and water, then keep this syrupy mix in your fridge for just such a popsicle emergency). After that we filled the bowl to total three cups, pouring in orange juice and apple juice and cranberry juice and fruit punch (all organic choices; no junk). I mixed this in my blender, then poured 10 popsicles (with some leftover).

We can thank the cranberry juice for the pinkness and the tartness. But fear not: the tart cranberry is tamed just enough by all that cream. The flavor is addictive and tempting. Have fun.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.