Gooey Crispy Ritz S'mores BarsHere’s how I talked myself into the “Gooey Crispy Ritz S’mores Bars,” from Cookies & Cups: my chosen collection of ingredients. Also, there’s no baking. Just set this pan in the refrigerator. Read on…

Indeed, this is not health food. But what fun it is! I crushed a whole box of Late July Classic Rich Crackers (instead of Ritz crackers) for the crust. These savory/salty crackers, crushed in my food processor with the butter and the sugar, made a fantastic crust. A wow crust. I want to challenge someone to try graham crackers instead. Wouldn’t that be wild?

After chilling my crust in the fridge, I skipped the Marshmallow Fluff and used 2 cups of mini marshmallows instead. I used Dandies mini vegan vanilla marshmallows. I paid $3.07 for a 10oz. bag. Yahoo!

For my semi-sweet chocolate chips I used Equal Exchange. For my crunchy peanut butter I used Once Again. For my Rice Krispies I used Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice. Isn’t this fun?!

After assembling and chilling all this stuff I got a very chocolatey treat that tasted just like a candy bar. The crackers were so great. We all loved these. Go for it.

Late July Classic Rich Crackers = $2.33

PREP TIME: there’s an amount of crushing and chilling and melting chips, but you’ll cut these into squares (the next day?) and enjoy the thrill
a candy bar

Alright. Let’s calm down from all this wackiness. Exhale. Next time, I’ll enjoy some Chinese ingredients again and make the “Chinese Ribs with a Sesame Crust,” from The Woks of Life, along with the “Sweet and Sour Cabbage with Tofu,” from The Taste Space. Get ready for more delicious fun, when you come back to my site next week.