Honeydew Agua FrescaHere’s another popsicle.

I did the right thing by freezing the “Honeydew Agua Fresca Popsicles,” from Dunk & Crumble. I took full advantage of the deliciously sweet honeydews available to me right now. The recipe suggests adding a bit of sugar to this, but no need for me. My honeydew was magical on its own.

I used more than 3 cups of honeydew, in order to guarantee 10 full popsicles. I added a big splash of lime juice. And that’s it! Into the blender, then into the popsicle molds.

The taste? Well, you’ll get a hit of that tart lime, then all that sweet honeydew. The flaky sea salt trick is worth trying: sprinkle it onto your pop right before you eat it (remember, salt melts ice!), and enjoy that “margarita” taste.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.