Crab & Corn Cakes w/Lime Sour CreamYou already know I enjoy sweet crab meat, right? And when I can buy it fresh and already shelled in a can, all the better. I gladly prepared the “Crab and Corn Cakes with Lime Sour Cream,” from the August/September 2015 issue of Fine Cooking, knowing I’d have a low-stress meal that we would enjoy.

To further reduce my food-prep tension, I used frozen corn rather than shucking fresh ears. Easy to assemble, easy to fry. Placing the crab cakes on an undressed “salad” of lettuce and cilantro was a nice, undistracted way to eat. Indeed, the lime sour cream filled any gaps we may have felt.

Make no mistake: these crab cakes were hearty and substantial, tasting fresh and sweet.

Bacon-Wrapped TatersAnd speaking of sour cream … I also made the “Bacon-Wrapped Taters,” from the June 2015 issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. The tie-in? Instead of dipping these beauties into “ranch dressing,” I shared the lime sour cream from the crab cakes. Genius!

The secret weapon to this recipe was in preheating the baking sheet. This way, the hot pan sputtered when I sprayed it with the oil, and the bacon-wrapped potatoes immediately sizzled when placed atop. Twenty minutes was the exact amount of time necessary to bake these.

Oh boy, were these popular.

Lump Crabmeat (1 lb.) = $19.00
Iceberg Lettuce (4 cups) = $3.56
Lime (1) = .23¢
Sour Cream (1 cup) = $1.84
Russet Potatoes (1.5 lbs.) = $1.33

PREP TIMES: chill crab cakes for 10 minutes, fry for 8 minutes; take 30 minutes to prep and roast the potatoes
sweet crab dressed with lime sour cream atop greens; bacon + potato + dip = happiness

Next time, I will reach into the August 2015 issue of Food & Wine, to make the “Alsatian Pizza” and the “Corn-and-Barley Salad.” Come back to my site next week, as I persist with my “I love barley” message.