Easy Baked Milk & Cereal DonutsThe trigger words here are “easy” and “baked.” I pulled together the “Easy Baked Milk & Cereal Donuts” from The Sugar Hit, without a mixer and without regrets.

Mix the batter by hand and pour it to make eight donuts. Bake in a 350-degree F oven for nine minutes. Easy.

Melt the white chocolate (1.75 oz.) for the glaze in the microwave, being careful not to burn it. Easy.

The portions for the glaze are more than enough, actually. I dare to suggest that they can be halved. The trophy of these donuts is the cereal that you choose to stick on top. My chosen cereal was  Fruitful O’s from Cascadian Farm: cute cereal that’s not junky.

The cereal is what makes these donuts fun and tasty. Have a blast.

PREP TIME: donuts could be ready to eat in 30 minutes
sweet white chocolate will be enhanced by whatever cereal tops it

Next time, I’ll make the “Glazed Agrodolce Ribs,” from the August 2015 issue of Food & Wine, along with the “Sweet Corn Salad with Pancetta and Mushrooms,” from the September 2015 issue. Come back next week, to witness the beauty.