Prosciutto Goat Cheese TartServe warm or at room temperature. Comforting words, no? That’s what this meal is: comforting.

The “Prosciutto Goat Cheese Tart,” from Magnolia Days, required a bit of attention, but once assembled and baked, sat and waited for me to eat it. This open-faced tart is an eggy quiche, actually, but I was able to employ my underutilized tart pan (removable bottom!).

Indeed, it’s quite gratifying when dough “comes together into a ball” in the food processor. My crust was lightly browned after 25 minutes in the oven.

The components of the filling -- the shallots, spinach, prosciutto, goat cheese -- did all the right things together in the quiche. It baked in 45 minutes. The crust tasted sandy, but cooperated with this filling. You’ll always win at the table with a quiche, you know.

Butternut Squash & Farro SaladThe “Butternut Squash and Farro Salad,” from PBS, is a delightful recipe, ringing all the right bells, for me. ‘Tis the season for winter squashes, and I reached for four adorable “honeynut” squashes, which look like mini butternuts. Roasted, these squashes deliver the fall sweetness we all love.

My appreciation for farro is almost as intense as my love for barley. Farro is very tasty cooked in the chicken broth.

Let’s discuss the “grains of paradise,” here. Do you know this spice? It’s described as “warm, spicy, woodsy” and “what peppercorns only dream of being.” A mere 1/4 tsp. is required in this recipe.

Now, how about preserved lemons? I’ve got a big jar in my fridge that’ll last for a long time. Two small lemons fit the bill for this recipe. The pureed dressing is slightly bitter, thanks to those lemons, but tastes rich, too.

And the red onion sits nicely in this salad. Once again, you’ll pull together all these components, then celebrate your victory, warm or at room temperature.

Shallots (2) = $1.65
Honeynut Squash (23 oz.) = $3.20

PREP TIMES: dedicate 90 minutes to the tart and 60 minutes to the salad, then both will wait for you
shallots + spinach + prosciutto + goat cheese = the quiche equation; sweet roasted squash and rich farro are pleasant with the pine nuts and tangy dressing

Next time, I want to put together a meal that demonstrates the peaceful dinner dichotomy of vegan vs. carnivorous: the “Cheezy Broccoli Stuffed Sweet Potato,” from Healthy Happy Life, along with the “Chicken Rice Bowl,” from No Recipes. Come back next week, to celebrate with me.