Escarole & White Bean Salad w/SwordfishGive me an excuse to eat escarole. The recipe for “Escarole & White Bean Salad with Swordfish,” from the January/February 2016 issue of Eating Well, is a win/win meal: easy to pull together and delicious to eat.

I doubled the amounts for the lemony dressing, only because I tend to have panic attacks about inadequate dressing volume. The red onion is wonderful in this salad.

I broiled my swordfish for 9 minutes, 30 seconds. Don’t you dare overcook this fish! The coating of herbes de Provence is a good idea, because it gives such a fragrant appeal to this meaty fish.

Be a superhero and share this meal after 15 minutes of effort. Really.

Cannellini Beans (15 oz. can) = $2.06
Swordfish (1.86 lbs.) = $43.89
Escarole (1.46 lbs.) = $3.71

PREP TIME: rinse beans, chop escarole and onion, broil swordfish, eat in 15 minutes
TASTE: meaty swordfish covered in fragrant dried herbs sits atop hearty escarole that’s been bathed in lemon

Next time, I’ll cook the “Honey-Lime Drumsticks with Snow Peas & Brown Rice,” from the January/February 2016 issue of Cooking Light. I promise I will not use pre-cooked snow peas or pre-cooked brown rice(?). Come back to my site next week, to enjoy this meal with me.