Salami Cheddar Lentil MuffinsSavory muffin. How do you feel about that phrase? The concept need not be offensive or scary. Get over it. But if you’re doubtful, know this: the lentils look like chocolate chips

I was enticed by the “Salami Cheddar Lentil Muffins,” from Food Lust People Love, for many ridiculous reasons. Yes, they’re savory. I adore the “handful” method, which asks me to grab various fistfuls of grated cheese, cooked lentils and salami strips for the toppings. And no mixer is necessary here. Enjoy blending everything by hand.

The thick batter is very stiff, but the dry muffin is satisfying, thanks to those hearty lentils. Remember, you’ll enjoy this as a bread, to eat with a wet stew or soup.

The salami rosette in the center of each muffin is adorable. The rose rises up and blooms as the muffin bakes. That’s fun.

Cheddar Cheese (5 1/3 oz.) = $1.64
Salami (2 1/4 oz.) = $2.28

PREP TIME: lentils cook in 30 minutes, muffins bake in 25 minutes
TASTE: cheddar, salami, and lentils play nice together

So now that I’m on this “ridiculous recipe” kick, I won’t stop. Next time, I want to make the “Swedish Sugared Sweet Pretzels,” from the February 2016 issue of Food & Wine. I will dive into the dry yeast and confront my own vulgar pretzel-shaping techniques. Come back to my site next week, to see the whole mess.