Rhubarb Almond Polenta CakeThe “Rhubarb Almond Polenta Cake” from Dunk & Crumble, lured me in with its calm approach and its springform pan. Sugar, butter, eggs -- no apologies with this cake.

Rhubarb, intimidatingly tart on its own, is successfully tamed here in a bowl of turbinado sugar. Remember, turbinado is thicker and paler than brown sugar. The rhubarb drains out a sticky syrup after an hour. What the rhubarb contributes to the cake, however, is nondistinct. It’s the orange that shouts aloud in this cake. A lot of zest and a bit of juice.

Polenta and almond flour do the work (no other flour). The batter mixes up fluffy and pillowy. The rhubarb and almonds do indeed sink into the cake when it cooks.

Here’s what you get: a rich, moist, orangey cake with crunchy almonds. That sounds good, right?

Rhubarb (.62 lb.) = $2.15
Oranges (2) = $1.10

PREP TIME: rhubarb sits in sugar for an hour, cake bakes in an hour
TASTE: rich, moist, orangey cake with crunchy almonds

Next week, I’ll enjoy an Ottolenghi meal from Plenty More. I’ll make the “Eggplant Kuku.” Come back to my site next week to see how barberries make magic.