Marbled Watermelon PopsicleHere’s another popsicle. The “Marbled Watermelon Popsicles,” from Green Kitchen Stories, involve three components, three steps of construction.

I found it very satisfying, honestly, to weigh 2 lbs. of cubed watermelon, then purée it in my blender. Watermelon, remember, is just that: it becomes a tame and thin drink. It freezes icy, like water. This amount was way too much for my 10 popsicles, so I drank the leftover. No harm there.

Next, I blended yogurt, bananas, honey, and vanilla. This was the nonextraordinary, creamy top of my popsicles. After filling each mold less than half full with this yogurt, I did drop a halved raspberry in each, which seemed a bit too precious at the time. However, this turned out to be a welcome treat, a treasure within the somewhat bland yogurt.

I did stagger the freezing, first putting the yogurt layer in the freezer, then 20 minutes later pouring the watermelon on top. This way, I used a knife to gently swirl my marble effect, to incorporate the watermelon.

Then, there’s the “chocolate crumble,” which involved a small frying pan on my stove top. I buzzed the sunflower seeds in my food processor, to chop them and combine them with this sticky, oat, chocolate mix. Just like the excess amount of watermelon, this crumble was way too much. Now, how did this belong in a popsicle? I’m not sure. As you eat the popsicle, the chocolate oats taste like a candy bar: a somewhat shocking disruption to the cool, creamy treat.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.