Mung Bean PopsiclesHere’s another popsicle. I’ve used beans, folks, and here’s what happened…

The backstory for the “Mung Bean Popsicles,” at The Woks of Life, is a romantic recollection of a childhood in Shanghai, which I cannot share. Even so, I’m not intimidated by the simple list of ingredients. Dried mung beans: so simple. They smell like lentils when they’re cooking, and they taste like them too. Can you imagine frozen lentils on a stick?

As the recipe advises, make sure to add more sugar than you think you’ll need, because these are beans, after all. I cooked the beans for 23 minutes, until they were soft enough to blend with an immersion blender. I did remove some before I blended the rest, so I could have some chunky bits in my popsicles.

Beans on a stick. Work with it and make it real.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.