Mango Green Tea PopsHere’s another popsicle -- and it’s a fine, creamy conclusion to my popsicles for 2016.

The “Mango Green Tea Pops,” from Minimalist Baker, were layered, but easy to assemble. Double the recipe, if you want to pour 10 popsicles. Rinse your blender between the two different layers.

Coconut milk is so ideal and lovely in a popsicle: creamy and appealing. The green tea layer is creamier than the mango layer (a higher ratio of coconut milk), so the bitterness that may accompany green tea is calmed. And the mango layer is mango-licious(!). Fantastic, tart mango.

We’ve enjoyed these summertime pop-ups and can’t wait till next summer and the next batch of popsicles.