Cod w/Shiitake-Bacon CrustBacon” is a buzzword in recipe writing. We already know this. Both eaters and cooks have always been drawn to bacon’s unique crispy-salty-fatty qualities. Hence, the recipe for “Cod with Shiitake-Bacon Crust and Arugula Salad,” from the August 2016 issue of Cooking Light, pulled me in and made me happy.

Good, fresh fish needs no fussing to taste marvelous. The exercise, here, of producing a “shiitake-bacon crust” was simple enough: cook, cool, coarsely chop in the food processor. Press the crumbly mix directly onto the fish fillets, with your hands. Bake and broil. Done.

Cod gives us a meaty quality, amplified by the shiitake-bacon crust.

And how about that green, vibrant arugula? It’s so spectacular, simple and perfect.

Produce a winning combo and enjoy this meal.

Shiitake Mushrooms (8 oz.) = $3.87
Cod Fillets (24 oz.) = $14.06
Arugula (5 oz.) = $3.59

PREP TIME: less than an hour for prep and cooking
TASTE: meaty cod sits atop vibrant arugula

Next time, I’ll switch to the July 2016 issue of Cooking Light, to make the “Shrimp, Cabbage, and Carrot Potstickers.” I’m looking forward to some paced prep with a young assistant. Come back to my site next week, to see the results.