Mascarpone Pretzel Strawberry TartThe March/April 2017 issue of Bake From Scratch showcases a collection of six sweet recipes featuring strawberries. Really, it’s a matter of which one to make first? I picked the “Mascarpone Pretzel Strawberry Tart,” for many delicious reasons.

I got to use my removeable-bottom round tart pan, to bake the crunchy, buttery, sugary crust. Crushed pretzels! That’s fun. This is the entirety of the baking, here.

Mascarpone Pretzel Strawberry Tart




Next, the mascarpone cream. The mixture of half-and-half, vanilla, eggs, sugar, cornstarch and mascarpone are heated and whisked and thickened and strained and refrigerated. This thin, smooth, velvety cream is finally poured into the crust.

Indeed, this tart must be refrigerated to maintain its integrity. Decorate with strawberries and celebrate the specialness of this tart.

PREP TIME: crust bakes in 15 minutes; cream refrigerates for 60 minutes
TASTE: sweet strawberries sit atop a velvety cream in a crunchy, buttery, sugary crust

Next time, I will finally indulge in the “poke” trend: the Hawaiian raw fish bowl (pronounced “poh-kay”). I’ll make the “Salmon & Avocado Poke Bowl,” from the March/April 2017 issue of Eating Well. See it when you come back to my site, next week.