Salmon and Avocado Poke BowlWithin my grasp. That’s the key to tackling a recipe. Of course, a magazine’s recipe development team needs to also address ingredient affordability, preparation speed, and trendiness. They need to predict the future and they stress out (and burn out) about it. How do we make our readers want to make this thing?

Calmly, I’ve indulged in the current “poke” trend, thanks to the soothing approach of the March/April 2017 issue of Eating Well. “Poke” (pronounced “poh-kay”) is a Hawaiian raw fish bowl. The “Salmon & Avocado Poke Bowl” asks for previously frozen wild salmon. I can do that! And it’s totally safe, so no fearful raw sushi excuses for you. Truly, you do not cook this salmon.

This bowl is compiled as a rice salad. I like that. “Salad” lets me swap out ingredients. Instead of caviar, I included a few anchovies and sea beans. Instead of “spicy greens,” I included kid-friendly asparagus.

The vinegar/oil/mustard vinaigrette makes this easy-to-assemble salad easy to dress. And it’s easy to eat, too! You’ll win with this one. Enjoy.

Frozen Wild Salmon (1 lb.) = $14.76
Avocado = $1.65
Short-Grain Brown Rice (8 oz.) = .79¢
Asparagus (2 cups) = $5.43

PREP TIME: prep ingredients while your rice cooks, then combine, dress and eat
TASTE: rich salmon and avocado always sit nicely with soy sauce and sesame oil

Next time, allow me to make (another) cake. The “Gluten-Free Spanish Almond Cake,” from Cowgirl Chef, will have me separate many eggs and luxuriate in almond flour. Come back next week, to see it.