Gluten-Free Spanish Almond CakeA cake is a triumph, always. Victory in patience. I won with the airy and moist “Gluten-Free Spanish Almond Cake,” from Cowgirl Chef, delighting in the meticulous pleasures of separating each egg in my hand. Firm yolk sits solid in my palm.

In my stand mixer, the yolks plus sugar become very pale and creamy. Next, enjoy the egg whites. Know to add a pinch of salt. Follow the steps in your mixer, to reach pillowy stiff peaks. I baked this cake for 48 minutes, until “firm to touch in the middle.”

My navel California orange zest lent the slightest bit of orange flavor to this not-too-sweet cake. Enjoy.

Orange = .63¢

PREP TIME: more than an hour to prep and bake; cool completely before eating
TASTE: airy, moist, slightest orange, not too sweet

Next time, enticed by a long list of ingredients, I’ll make the “Roasted Salmon with Celery and Bulgur Salad,” from the February 2017 issue of Bön Appetit. Come back to my site next week, to witness this one.