Bluberry-Lavender Yogurt PopSummertime 2017! I’m ready to freeze food on a stick again, so allow me to occasionally “pop up” with popsicles throughout this summer.

Again, I’m using the Progressive Freezer Pop Maker, which includes the base, cover, and wooden sticks to make 10 pops at a time. It’s easy and once you have it, there’s no excuse not to make pops.

Let me tell you what I don’t want from a popsicle. I don’t want corn syrup or artificial colors. I don’t want too much sugar. (If I wanted these things, I’d buy popsicles in a box from the supermarket.) I don’t want much fuss.

My first beautiful treat is an adaptation of the “Blueberry-Lavender Yogurt Pops,” from the June 2017 issue of Cooking Light. I celebrated blueberries and cooked and crushed them. I made the honey syrup with dried lavender.

I did not layer the yogurt with the blueberries -- layering is so last year! Rather, I swirled it all together, knowing I’d get this nice lavender color.

Sweet blueberry chunks with creamy tangy yogurt. Yummy.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.