Kiwi-Lime PopsFrozen tartness -- it’s a welcome sensation. The “Kiwi-Lime Pops,” from All Recipes, give us that satisfaction.

Three ingredients, here. Isn’t that nice? First, of course, you must like kiwis. You won’t make these popsicles if you don’t like kiwis. They blend easily with sugar and lime juice in the blender. Kiwis are tart to begin with, but once you add the lime, you’ve crossed the threshold into super-tartness.

I made eight pops with this recipe, allowing for the displacement produced by a whole kiwi slice in each pop. That novel slice serves as a respite, actually, from the super-tartness, since it is a slice unadulterated by lime. Enjoy the goodness.

Stand by for more summertime pop-ups soon.