Squid Salad with Herbed BreadcrumbsI’ve sung the “I Love Squid” song on Camille Cooks before. And still, I enjoy this song. This time, the “Squid Salad with Herbed Breadcrumbs,” from the May 2017 issue of Food & Wine, is a laid-back summertime recipe, to assemble at an easy pace.

Boil potatoes, cool, and cut them.

I processed a few slices of seeded Sicilian bread with basil and dill in my food processor, then toasted the crumbs in the oven with olive oil and a tablespoon of zest from one fat lemon.

And speaking of lemon … it’s too easy to make a lemony vinaigrette.

Sigh, for squid.

Fingerling Potatoes (1 lb.) = $3.23
Yellow Bell Pepper = $3.06
Lemon = .62¢
Squid (12 oz.) = $4.49

PREP TIME: less than an hour for prep and cooking
TASTE: cool potato salad, cool squid

Next time, I want to play with nuoc cham sauce. I’ll make the “Vietnamese Noodle Salad with Grilled Pork Chops,” from The Woks of Life. Come back next week, to see what happens.