Egg Drop Soup with Crab, Baby Corn, and PeasChinese restaurant mainstay.” That’s how Fine Cooking aptly describes egg drop soup. It’s always a basic/simple combo of chicken broth and eggs, easy enough to mix together yourself (or, better yet, to call for takeout!). But here, in the June/July 2017 issue of the magazine, the recipe for “Egg Drop Soup with Crab, Baby Corn, and Peas” made itself special by including crabmeat.

A pleasing soup, indeed. Still easy to pull together -- canned baby corn, canned crabmeat, frozen peas -- and deliciously rewarding. Taste the ginger, the crab. Even the garnish of scallion greens wins.

Fresh Herb and Roasted Garlic Quinoa BurgersTo supplement my delightful soup, I also prepped the “Fresh Herb & Roasted Garlic Quinoa Burgers,” from Cook Nourish Bliss. The night before you want to eat these, make sure to roast your head of garlic: it’s an easy, standoff operation, wrapped in foil for 45 minutes. One medium head of garlic will produce 1+ Tbsp. of garlic paste. Yummy.

Next day, that tablespoon of garlic paste will be added to your burger mixture. And the whole mix is too easy to pull together. While the quinoa cooks and sits in the background, combine all the other ingredients in a big bowl. I prepped everything in the food processor, even the herbs. The mixture texture is perfect. I fried my patties in two batches.

Appreciate the crispy edges, the cohesive flavors. I served these bunless, according to my established burger rule. Quite satisfying. And see my adorable chive blossoms! A cute touch.

Garlic (1 head) = .70¢
Cannellini Beans (15oz. can) = $2.02

PREP TIMES: soup needs less than 30 minutes for prep and cooking; roast garlic for 45 minutes the night before, prep and cook burgers in less than an hour
TASTES: gingery and crabby egg drop soup; crispy burgers full of quinoa, beans, veggies, and herbs

Next time, I’m ready to keep celebrating summertime with the “Basil Berry Cake,” from The Woks of Life. Come back to my site next week, to see what happens.