Churrasco-Style Tofu SteaksPulled in by the “pesto principle” and a dry spice rub, I gladly made the “Churrasco-Style Tofu Steaks with Hemp Chimichurri,” from the July 2017 issue of Cooking Light. First, let’s talk about the hemp seeds.

The recipe calls these seeds a “quality plant protein,” which makes me giggle, honestly. Hemp seeds have been trendy for some time, now. Here’s the brand I bought. They’re as easy to use as any other seeds. The chimichurri is blended in the food processor, pesto-style. It’s bright green (parsley, cilantro), not too garlicky, and only slightly tart (vinegar, lime juice).

Tofu is easy enough to press with paper towels until “very dry.” And a dry spice rub is gratifyingly hands-on. Frying the tofu triangles in a grill pan with olive oil was effective. You can see the tofu absorb the oil and darken.

This was a lovely meal … but must we call it “steak?”

Extra-Firm Tofu (28 oz.) = $3.36

PREP TIME: less than an hour for prep, frying, and baking
TASTE: spiced tofu with herb chimichurri

Next time, I want to make the ridiculous “Chive Potato Filled Cheeseburger Meatloaf Bundt,” from Food Lust People Love. Get ready. Come back to my site next week to see this one.