Patatas Bravas Hot Dog RollsReady? Here’s what to do with a leftover sheet of puff pastry and some extra hot dogs. Make this addictive, easy-to-eat treat.

Inspired by the “Patatas Bravas Chorizo Sausage Rolls,” from Food Lust People Love, I diced one potato and 3+ hot dogs to equal 12 oz. After cooking those bits, I added the other components, filled my sheets of puff pastry, and rolled them up.

I chilled my rolls, but they didn’t firm up much. Was my kitchen too hot? Maybe. Perhaps I should have put my rolls in the freezer for a little while, instead.

But I was OK. I sliced 19 sloppy pieces from my rolls of dough. They were more like “meat puffs,” which we were fine with.

These baked until “puffed and golden.” The inclusion of chili flakes took over the warmth that the chorizo may have provided.

We all like to eat stuff rolled up in pastry. Enjoy.

PREP TIME: enjoy puffs after less than an hour of prep and cooking
TASTE: pastry filled with mildly spicy meat/potato

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