Rolled-Wafer Trimmed Cheesecake with Marshmallow FrostingI’m ready to show off a stunt, involving a springform pan, Oreos, cream cheese, sugar, and rolled-wafer cookies.

Inspired by the “Candy Bar Cheesecake” by Sugar Hero!, I was motivated to use up all the leftover Halloween candy we have lying around. Alas, my cake became something that did not involve candy. Instead of surrounding my cake with a wall of Kit Kats, I used rolled-wafer cookies.

I did make a two-layer cheesecake (baked in a springform pan in a water bath), but my layers were not plain and chocolate. I had a plain layer and a strawberry layer. After pressing my buttered Oreo crumbs into the pan, I poured in half my batter (the “plain” half). To the remaining batter, I added good-old strawberry dust. That’s right. I pulverized some freeze-dried strawberries in the food processor to get the powdery, powerful dust. I added a generous amount to the remaining batter so that it turned pink, then poured it atop the plain layer, smoothing it out.

Easy enough to pace, I baked for 45 minutes, rested for one hour in the oven, cooled on the counter, then refrigerated overnight.

Rolled-Wafer Trimmed Cheesecake with Marshmallow FrostingNext day, I was ready to frost this cake with the “Easy Marshmallow Frosting” from Foodologie. I adapted the amount to use 3 egg whites -- enough for this cake. Once I coated my cake with this sweet and sticky stuff, I could adhere my customized cookies to the edge. I did trim each cookie (with a sharp paring knife) to measure 2 1/2 inches long. This was a good height for my cake. It was reminding me of a log-cabin fortress.

And finally, to appease a 13-year-old’s birthday wish, I covered the top with chocolate chips. Perfect, no?

The cake tasted like a creamy cheesecake, with its tart strawberry layer. And then there was the joy of the crunchy chips, crispy wafer cookies, and Oreo crust. All good stuff. Challenge yourself, folks. Make something deliciously silly.

PREP TIME: pace out assembly, baking, resting, cooling, overnight refrigeration; make frosting in 10 minutes; allow artful decoration
TASTE: creamy cheesecake with a tart strawberry layer and cookie crust + all the cookies and candies you might want

Next time, I want to bake the “Five-Spice Molasses Cookies,” from the November/December 2017 issue of Bake from Scratch, to celebrate all that molasses can do for us. Come back next week, to see.