Mongolian BeefDo you feel anything when you hear “Mongolian Beef”? It has nothing to do with Mongolia, I’m afraid. Rather, it’s an American Chinese food invention, and I know Dave has always been prone to order “Beef and Broccoli” from take-out.

So, I made the “Mongolian Beef,” from Closet Cooking, adding my own indulgences. I doubled the sauce ingredients (and included sambal oelek), because I had more than 1 lb. of steak, and I added a bunch of broccoli.

I steamed my broccoli first, then added it to the beef pot. Flank steak is easy to slice thin. The stew cooks quickly.

Indeed tender and juicy, I served this delicious, garlicky, gingery, sauciness over white jasmine rice.

Flank Steak (1.64 lbs.) = $23.06
Broccoli (1 bunch) = $3.85
Jasmine Rice (8 oz.) = .94¢

PREP TIME: first steam broccoli and cook rice; slice beef, mix sauce, cook for less than 10 minutes
TASTE: tender, juicy beef stew full of garlic and ginger

Next time will be time for a muffin. I want to make “Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pecan Muffins,” inspired by Food Lust People Love. Share the dreaminess when you return to my site next week.