Chocolate Pretzels with Sea SaltA ridiculous stunt of a recipe that says, “Look what I can do. I’m so clever.” It deconstructs and reconstructs, eliciting “yippee” cheers. First, I thought the “Chocolate Pretzels with Sea Salt,” from the October 2017 issue of Food & Wine, were too silly for me. Too precious?

Well, I managed to twist this recipe into my own little treat, halving the recipe. I did grind pretzels in a food processor, then mix the dust with melted white chocolate. I increased the amount of white chocolate, because my pretzel dust wouldn’t moisten without it. The “piping pretzels onto parchment” bit wasn’t right for my crude hands. Instead, I dropped blobs of batter onto the paper, then chilled them.

I melted dark chocolate in a double boiler, rather than a microwave, then dipped my chilled blobs in to coat them. Flaky sea salt was a definite “yes.”

Glorious candy/pretzel treats, with that bit of salt. I’ll defend these blobs, praising them as enjoyable circles of pleasure, easy to eat. Are they worth all the fuss? Well, you decide. They’re so delicious and nasty.

PREP TIME: chill for 30 minutes, set for another 20 minutes
TASTE: chocolate + pretzel + salt

Next time, I’ll relax a bit … with cookies! I want to make the “Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies” from A Cozy Kitchen. Come back next week to share the fun with me.