Before July ended, I made sure to do what any clear-minded baker would: I bought myself 2 lbs. of sour cherries. That’s right. I’ve finally done it and I’m so proud of the whole effort.

Martha Stewart’s “Sour Cherry Pie” is a fine example of sweet/sour cherries in a buttery/flaky crust. It’s a pie that sliced with award-winning structure and stamina.

First step, the pâté brisee. Cut your two sticks of cold butter into small pieces, and pulse them in your food processor with the flour and salt. I drizzled in a total of 5 Tbsp. of ice water, until the dough “held together when squeezed.”

My two disks of wrapped dough chilled in the refrigerator while I moved on to step two: pitting the 2 lbs. of cherries. Easy enough to do with a hand-held cherry pitter, it’s a meditative process, really. And the true joy here? No red cherry juice stains! The inside of these sour cherries are clean, like green grapes.

By the way, “sour” cherries are not really as tart as a lemon or lime. They’re not bad at all. I like the taste.

When you mix those pitted cherries with the sugar, you’ll get a good, goopy mess.

I was careful about keeping the dough cool, and freezing the pie for 20 minutes after I sealed and crimped the whole thing. My payoff was indeed tremendous. I baked for a good 80 minutes, until the pie was bubbling and golden.

Let it cool before serving. Then, celebrate your flaky victory.

PREP TIME: more than 4 hours for chilling, pitting, shaping, baking, cooling
TASTE: sweet/sour cherries in a buttery/flaky crust

Next time, I’ll step back from the intensity of pie to make some “Easy Homemade Lollipops” from Sugar Hero. Get ready for fun when you come back to my site next week.