Inspired by the “Milk and Cookie Pops,” from The Baker Chick (who was herself inspired by Lady & Pups), I’m ending our summer with the most comforting of popsicles. Simple, obvious, and oh-so-tasty -- just like milk and cookies.

Instead of chocolate chip cookies or brownies, I crushed 12 Newman-O’s in my food processor. I didn’t bother warming my milks -- a quick whisking was fine enough.

I dropped bigger bits of cookies into my eight popsicle molds, but stirred all the other cookie dust into the milk mix. This I poured into the molds, and that was it. Perfect. These are creamy and as good as your favorite cookie.

So that’s it, folks: the end of my fifth summer of popsicles on CamilleCooks. Always fun and cool and delicious.