When I saw the post for “Nutella Flower Bread” on Ruchik Randhap, I was wowed by the beauty of it -- that and the methodical, paced, yeasted approach of it. Digging deeper, I Googled the concept and learned that bloggers have been indulging in this masterpiece for three years now. I didn’t know!

Bread is always great. Period. Let’s start with that. This dough is patient: let it rise, twice, all day long if you want to. I used my stand mixer with its dough hook, rather than hand-kneading. The recipe asks for 14 oz. of Nutella, but I used half that amount of Nocciolata, which was plenty for me.

Hands-on dough work is my pleasure. Broken into four parts, the balls rolled easily into 10-inch circles (they were not sticky). After spreading Nocciolata and stacking the four layers, I placed a little “shot glass” in the center to “prevent from cutting through the dough.”

I was able to slice, twist, and seal the dough with my graceless hands. Breathe. It’s not too difficult.

I baked for 17 minutes at 350 degrees F, until “nice and golden.”

Now, more joy, with the resulting soft bread: like “sticky buns,” but not sticky. Nocciolata is marvelous, but is not like candy.

Eat more and more, as you hold each slice of artistry in your hand.