I’m ready to keep talking about cookies, with more selections from Nick Malgieri’s Cookies Unlimited.

The “Greek Sesame Ring Cookies” include brandy and sesame seeds. This is a hands-on dough that you get to roll into eight cylinders, which are then cut into five pieces each. They bake “golden and firm.”



The “Brown Sugar Pecan Macaroons” are actually soft meringues, where egg whites are whipped into firm peaks, to be combined with the sugar and pecans. The batter is then piped into logs and baked. These are quite special: puffy and fragile, sweet and nutty.



The “Chocolate Chocolate Sandwich Cookies” are extraordinary and worth the effort. The spiced chocolatey dough needs to chill until firm. The dreamy filling includes milk chocolate. Roll and cut and bake the dough, then fill and sandwich the halves once they’re cool.



The “Coffee Pecan Meringues” are another exercise with whipped egg whites. Instead of piping this batter, I chose to ball the sticky dough, so it then baked into soft puffs.




The “Sour Cream Cinnamon Drops” are an easy “drop cookie” that includes -- you guessed it -- sour cream in the batter. Instead of sprinkling the cinnamon-sugar on my cookie balls, I swirled each ball in a bowlful of the cinnamon-sugar before baking. This was effective and made for consistently perfect cookies.



And here’s another “chill and slice” cookie, where the dough is rolled into a tube and refrigerated overnight, allowing it to be smoothly sliced when you’re ready to bake. The “Old-Fashioned Molasses Slices” include no sugar, only hardcore molasses: a dark syrup, an acquired taste.

There’s more cookie fun to come. Return to CamilleCooks on Christmas, to see my final batch.