I’ve even more cookies to share from Nick Malgieri’s Cookies Unlimited (see my other cookies from this book in Cookies 2018, thus far and Cookies 2018, some more). Plus, I’ll add two more treats. Let’s see.

The book introduced me to “Yoyos,” which are an Australian tradition of “Melting Moment” cookies sandwiching a sweet, buttery filling. Oh boy. These were enchanting and disappeared quickly. Something about the richness and the lemony center.





Here’s another soft meringue, where “ugliness” is encouraged. “Brutti ma Buoni” make sweet puffy clouds, with ground hazelnuts and sugar and cocoa powder.



Hazeluts also appear -- both toasted and raw -- in the “Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles.” You’ll need to soften the butter and melt the chocolate and toast and grind an amount of the nuts. The crumb-coated balls are a treat.


The “Sicilian Fig-Filled Cookies” are a real hands-on type that I’ve enjoyed preparing. Make the dough, wrap it and refrigerate it while you make the filling. The filling, as you will see, includes quite a few ingredients to mash together in the food processor. Boil and cool dried figs and grind with all the other stuff: raisins, candied orange peel, almonds, semisweet chocolate, apricot preserves, dark rum, espresso coffee granules, cinnamon, cloves. It’s a lot. What you get is this dark sticky paste that you roll into your dough sheets. Then, slice (decorate with sprinkles) and bake. This cookie is a fine reward and will last for days to enjoy with your morning coffee.

Now, I’ll step away from Malgieri’s book, to make some other selections. The “Bittersweet Black Cookies,” from The Faux Martha, allowed me to use more of my coveted black cocoa powder. Lots of sugar, bread flour, chocolate chips, and the black cocoa. Black cocoa, remember, makes a dreamy, soft, Oreo chocolate. I made sure to coat my cookie balls with sparkling sugar, to achieve this dazzling cookie.


And for my cookie finale, I successfully made my first “Black and White Cookies.” I doubled the amounts and halved each cookie size to 2 Tbsp. of batter, in order to make many more cookies. As you know, black-and-whites are cakey and rounded on their bottoms. The batter includes buttermilk and lots of butter.

Pace yourself in order to make the two icings. The “black” side gets Dutch-process cocoa powder added to the “white” mix. Thanks to light corn syrup, these two icings spread easy and harden just enough to be sugary fantastic atop the cookies. My audience enjoyed these.

That’s it for 2018, folks. Remember to always make cookies a part of your happy life.