The CamilleCooks world of baking falls into two categories: recipes using a mixer and recipes without a mixer. The “Lemon-Olive Oil Tart” from the March/ April 2019 issue of Cook’s Illustrated, showcases the latter, meaning it’s hands-on and quiet. No mixer needed here.

I hand-pressed my crust into an 8-inch tart pan (rather than the recommended 9-inch). I definitely don’t “tart” enough in my kitchen. I baked the crust for 34:30, until “golden brown and firm.”

The filling needs to be whisked and warmed until thick and custardy. My cold eggs needed more than 8 minutes to get up to 160 degrees.

Why strain the lemon curd? It’s obvious once you do it: the zesty bits and pits of lemon are kept out of the custard. Don’t feel sad about leaving the zest behind in the strainer. Its job is done. Now, we think ahead to the smooth mouthfeel of the custard.

I baked the tart for 12 minutes, until the filling “barely jiggled.”

Enjoy the creamy filling in its pleasing cookie crust.