Let me show you the “Three Little Pigs Roast,” from the May/June 2019 issue of Cuisine at Home. First, I was attracted to the image, the artfully rolled roast, the tight strings. Second, the easy list of ingredients. I know all these things! Third, the simple cooking. Yes!

The recipe asks for a 2½-lb. pork loin, but I butterflied two smaller pork loins, each less than 1½ lbs. I placed them side-by-side, then layered and rolled. Not too sloppy.

Instead of “sliced smoked ham,” I opted for prosciutto. Fontina shreds easily and is mild, with a lingering funk/stink.

Searing the three sides of this rolled/tied log was rewarding and effective. Then, the pan went sizzling into the oven, where it spent 45 minutes until the roast reached 120 degrees.

Enjoy the layered flavors: the prosciutto, the salami, the cheese, the crispy surface. The spicy honey mustard helps the pork, too. You can do this.

Next time, I want to celebrate the recent 200th birthday of Walt Whitman, by making his favorite cake. That’s right! Come back to my site next week and share it with me. After all, I contain multitudes.