A nine-step recipe, Ottolenghi style. That’s right. Again, he’s cool and paced. The “Butternut Squash and Fondue Pie with Pickled Red Chiles,” from the October 14, 2019 issue of The New York Times, is a doable recipe and simple, really.

These ingredients are all obtainable (no ingredient stress here). Gruyère is a funky cheese and raclette is even funkier.

I’m always thrilled to use my springform pan, and I did not need to be too careful with the handling of my phyllo dough sheets. Phyllo covers itself, here, so little rips are no worry. It looks fine and crumpled once baked.

After roasting the squash and onions, and assembling the layers of this “pie,” I made sure to reuse that same baking sheet to set my springform pan on for the oven. Smell those cheeses bake.

The sides were “golden and cooked through” in 15 minutes. The cinnamon squash is mesmerizing and the sweet onion too. The cheeses are alluring. But why call this a “fondue”? I’m not sure. It’s a cheesy quiche!

The quick pickled chiles do a little trick, giving us a little kiss.

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