It’s easier than pie! That’s the message we get from the December 2019 issue of Cuisine at Home, with its recipe for a “Pumpkin Tart.” Oh yes, we’re at that time of year, and I’ve made this perfect tart.

The crust comes together nicely in the food processor, thanks to the pecans and the butter and the egg yolk. Just keep pulsing until it clumps.

Take time to press the clump of dough into your tart pan. Use your fingers and fit it in evenly. Remember to fork holes into the crust before you freeze it and bake it.

Include a bit of rum in your pumpkin filling and enjoy its perfume while the tart cooks.

See how I decorated my edge with crushed salted toasted cashews, instead of pecan halves (all good!). In fact, the pecans in the crust make it a perfectly textured, tasty crust. Pumpkin wins, sweetened only by that condensed milk.

Enjoy this like pumpkin pudding in a cookie crust.