Another day, another…

You’ve heard me sing the “I Love Muffins” song too many times. But let’s do it again.

One, two, three. The “Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins,” from Bake or Break, promise three biggies in the name. Of course I’d want to bake these!

The dry-ish batter (flour, oats, sugar) is surprisingly moistened by the mashed bananas. These muffins are browned and baked in 23 minutes.

So many chocolate chips. Taste them and the bananas. The hearty and wholesome oats give you that filling reward for, once again, singing the “I Love Muffins” song. Enjoy.

Next time, I want to use up some leftover phyllo dough with the “Blackberry Ruffled Milk Pie,” from Half Baked Harvest. Come back next week to see how this works.