How often do I cook with fresh pineapple? Never. So here’s my chance.

The recipe asks for 1 lb. of pineapple, and I was able to get that from more than half of a small pineapple. Now, pay attention to the math: eight pineapple rings per each of four quarters = thin slices. You must “distribute fruit in a single layer,” but don’t freak out. It works, like a puzzle. You can make all those slices fit at the bottom of your cake pan. Make it happen.

I baked this cake for 55 minutes. The final (pretty) result is a moist cake that hits you first with the warm flavor of allspice. It’s a spice that’s more floral than cinnamon. And those pineapples are lovely atop this cake, a bit syrupy. This cake is a fine stunt. Try it.