I always cook. You know this about me. Being stuck at home during a citywide quarantine has freaked out a lot of people who’ve never cooked before. What do I do! Without Chinese food! Without pizza! Without my take-home salads from the grocery store! But me? I’m still cooking, as always.

Here’s the difference, though. Rather than learning how to cook for the first time, exploring sourdough starters and making banana bread, I’m coasting on the tried-and-true. I’m taking it easy.

And this brings me to this week’s recipe: the “Sweet and Salty M&M Pretzel Bars,” from Life Made Simple. Ridiculous and indulgent and dead easy.

Lots of butter and sugar, and then candy and pretzels. My batter was too sticky to pour. So, once the batter was in my baking pan, I pressed it down with my hands, with a sheet of foil, into a thin (less than an inch) layer.

I baked for 35 minutes, until the top was “shiny and cracked and firm.” I cut 18 bars.

Taste everything you’d expect: sweetness, crunchier than a brownie. Let’s have some more. And let’s hang in there.

Next week, I’ll showcase my special cake of the month. Come back to see it then.