Puff pastry is always a cheater’s delight. I mean, you have no excuses for not baking, when puff pastry is here for you. I was attracted to the prettiness of the “Glazed Cherry Puff Pastry Braid,” by Sweet Sensations. Can I braid pastry to look this good?

Well, characteristically, I fumbled with the task of braiding the pastry. I lack the grace involved. So, after pureeing stemless maraschino cherries in my food processor, I spread it onto the flattened pastry, along with the almonds. Then, I managed to crisscross my strips and scraps of pastry. And you know what? It doesn’t look so bad!

I baked for 30 minutes, until “golden.” The sparkling sugar gives this pastry a tasty crunch. And the pink glaze! It’s adorable and thick enough to stick to the pastry.

Now listen: the taste of this pastry actually resembles Pop Tarts. That’s right. Crumbly (buttery) dough, sweet fruit center, sweet glaze. I dare you (and myself) to remake this as POP TARTS. Let’s do it!

Next week, I’ll make some baked doughnuts, inspired by Karen’s Kitchen Stories. Come back to my site to see what happens.