Baking doughnuts. You know I’ve done this before (see this, and this, and this). Well, here’s another batch. I halved the recipe from Karen’s Kitchen Stories, to make the “Lemony Baked Doughnuts.”

The dough is easy to mix—thoughtfully—in my stand mixer. I wouldn’t bother with yellow food coloring (why do that?). Admittedly, I did not bother with a pastry bag for filling my doughnut cavities. It is easy enough to gently spoon the batter into each cavity. Just breathe.

I used all of my batter and wasted none.

Smell the lemon when these bake. I baked for 9 minutes.

I was careful not to make the glaze too thin (I’m notorious for that). Instead, I added just a bit of cream to get the right consistency.

The doughnut texture is wonderful, the cake subtly lemony. And the glaze is fantastic, soft and sweet against your teeth.




My enthusiastic doughnut audience now requests strawberry. So, here’s how to do it.

In the recipe, I replace some of the sugar with strawberry dust: freeze-dried strawberries pulverized in my food processor. It’s a brilliant technique that I resort to in many successful baking opportunities.

I eliminate the lemon zest and lemon extract in my strawberry version, using vanilla extract instead.

In the glaze, I replace some of the confectioner’s sugar with more of that wonderful strawberry dust.

Have fun with baked doughnuts. Mix it up and enjoy.