Add some mashed potatoes to your bread dough, and you’ll enjoy a slightly sweetened, satisfying loaf. The “Potato Loaf Bread,” from the May/June 2020 issue of Bake From Scratch, allowed me to take delight in my yeast.

Two medium russets provide 2½ cups of mashed potatoes, which is more than enough for the ½ cup that the recipe is asking for. This is fine, because the chef gets to eat the leftovers…

Add a little bit of that potato water when you heat the milk and butter. Do take the temperature of this mixture, making sure to not go higher than 130°F. Always remember, you don’t want to kill your yeast with a higher temperature.

I mixed my “soft, somewhat sticky” dough with my dough hook in the stand mixer. I did not add extra flour, because my dough was not too sticky after 10 minutes of churning.

Rejoice in the yeast! Mine behaved marvelously. I gave my loaf extra time to rise.

I baked for 42:50, after my loaf’s temperature was 190°F. This was the right way to bake a beautiful loaf.

Reward yourself with this one.