Yes, you’ll need to turn on your oven to bake this salty cracker crust for 18 minutes or so, “until set.” But after that cools, you’ll enjoy all the refreshment of strawberries, lemon, cream cheese, and cream. Quite dreamy, really.

The “Easy Pink Lemonade Pie,” from Taste of Home, asks for two cups of strawberries, which equals 11 oz. With your food processor, you’ll whip up so much strawberry goo: strawberries and gelatin and cream cheese and sugar. Pour this goo into your crust and refrigerate it overnight.

Does this taste like lemonade? Well, no. But it sure tastes and smells like strawberries. The smooth pie isn’t too sweet, but rather unmistakably strawberry. (I can’t say enough good things about this strawberry experience.)

And let’s not undermine the saltine/sugar/butter crust. The saltiness sits well with those strawberries. Oh, those strawberries…