Remember my excess homemade jam from my last post? Well, here’s what I’m doing with that. I’m inspired by last summer’s Melissa Clark recipe from The New York Times, but instead of making a blackberry jam, I used my perfectly fine cherry/ blueberry jam. Prudent and pleasing.

The dough comes together fine, and is easy to press into the tart pan. Hands-on, just like I like it. On top of the crust and the jam, generously sprinkle sliced almonds, demerara sugar, and the ½ cup of reserved dough “crumble.” All of this covers the tart’s top completely. I baked for 43 minutes, “until golden.”

When it’s baked and done, bite into the crispy demerara sugar. The almonds on top and the bit of almond extract in the dough make this taste like a captivating cookie.

The tart tastes best once it has chilled in the refrigerator. This way, you enjoy the cooled jam, the cookie texture, the almonds. You can actually pick up a slice and eat it like a cookie. Nice.