A thin and simple treat for the end of a hot summer. The “Cherry Galette with Almond Cream,” from Adventures in Cooking, allowed me to play with cherries, one last time.

I added 5 Tbsp. of ice water to the crust dough, to bring it together. A 13-inch-diameter circle makes a thin crust, but it behaves and doesn’t tear. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. All of this is easy enough.

Mix the filling until it’s “pale and fluffy.” Five minutes will do. I found that ¼ cup of almond meal was not enough to satisfy my almond expectations. This filling turns dark brown when baked.


I feel like this “almond cream” may have been better if made of ground almonds and mascarpone or cream cheese. Try this?

Fourteen ounces of cherries are the perfect amount for this galette, halved and circled. But the cherries, I’m afraid, are underserved by this thin crust, with its cracker crunch. Is it too thin to enjoy? I’d prefer a crumbly pie crust.

I’ll stop my criticisms to say that cherries are never wrong. That’s it folks. Goodbye summer.