Summertime gave me the perfect excuse to assemble the “Mixed Berries Cream Bars” from the May/June 2020 issue of Back from Scratch. Sweet and fruity—what’s not to love?

Smell the ground pretzels in the cake base when the batter mixes and bakes. Nice. This crust bakes into a smooth, tan cake layer.

The sweet cream cheese spreads smoothly onto the cooled crust. I spread it perfectly with a silicone spatula, rather than an offset spatula.

For my 18 oz. of berries, I used strawberries and blueberries.

The fully assembled cake is frozen overnight, but I feel like that might be too much time in the freezer. You see, the crust and the sweet cream and the fruits taste better at room temperature. This way, the crust is soft and sweet, like cake, with that hint of salt and pretzels.

Sweet and soft, with addictive creamy cheese. And, add your own berries!

Wait for refrigerator temperature or warmer to enjoy this. Don’t eat it frozen.