Here’s a recipe from Simply Recipes that’s three years old. But, since I’m eager for good wok recipes, I went for this one. Plus, I was got to pound my pork chops with a meat mallet. How great is that!

As all wok recipes, this is a quick-quick stir fry. So, I made sure to cook my brown rice ahead of time, since that takes 45 minutes.

Then, that pounding. The recipe’s instructions are right on: slice the boneless chops horizontally; place the slices (two at a time) between plastic wrap; hammer them thinner. Slice those thin cutlets into 1½-inch-long strips.

Instead of using only sliced scallions, I mixed in some sliced celery too.

This is a simple stir fry. Memorable. The tasty, moist pork was not dried out. Due to the pounding? Due to the marination in soy sauce/sugar/cornstarch? A little of both? I feel like I’ve learned some new tricks with this recipe. Everyone can do it.