We can’t deny how pumpkin overwhelms autumn’s recipes. There’s too much of it! But here I am, with the “Baked Pumpkin Spice Donuts,” from Spiced. It’s a pumpkin thing, and I’m OK with it after all.

The pumpkin batter is silky smooth. As instructed, I fill the doughnut cups in my baking pan right to the top. And yet, I have enough batter for a 13th doughnut. I bake for 11 minutes.

I worry my doughnuts will rise too much and overflow to close their holes. But, they manage to puff up and keep their holes. Hooray!

Shaking the warmly baked doughnuts in cinnamon sugar is perfect/easy. However, the recipe has us make way too much of this cinnamon sugar. We can easily get by with half the amount here.

The saving grace is the scent of that cinnamon sugar. It smells just like a bakery and will make you dream happy dreams. Do bake these before pumpkin season ends.